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About Our Firm

While we began serving clients under the name Daffer McDaniel, LLP in 2004, our practice actually dates back to the early 1990’s when a prominent intellectual property law firm sought to establish a presence in Austin, Texas, a hotbed of technological innovation. Over the last two decades, our professionals have worked tirelessly to help the firm’s clients identify, develop, protect, exploit and manage new ideas in technology and intellectual property with a list of successes growing on a daily basis. We are pleased to represent all types of clients, from individuals with new, ground-breaking ideas to multi-national corporations with extensive patent, trademark, copyright and trade secret portfolios, as well as every type and size of client in between.

The Professionals of Daffer McDaniel are highly experienced business managers, attorneys, engineers and innovators with experience in a variety of Technologies and Industries. As a result, our Clients receive cost-effective, individualized legal services from technical and legal experts practicing in a premier, small firm environment. Our focus is always on helping our clients make the best intellectual property decisions to meet both their short term and long term business goals. Because our professionals have handled countless technical, business and legal issues for all types of local, national and international businesses and individuals during their careers, we also appreciate the diverse needs of our various types of clients. We pride ourselves on helping construct individualized, practical solutions to complex matters while maintaining a focus on effectively managing and reducing legal costs for our clients.