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Practice Areas

We take pride in our ability to serve our clients’ legal needs from the inception of a new idea, through licensing and implementation, to the enforcement of our clients’ rights and interests against competitors and infringers. We have extensive experience in counseling our clients in the legal implications of their innovations and in collaborating in the refinement and expansion of those valuable ideas in order to help maximize commercial relevance and success. Once our clients are ready to capitalize on their ideas, we have the necessary skills to help license or otherwise commercially exploit those ideas to achieve maximum financial benefit. We also are experts in helping our clients preserve and protect their innovations, frequently developing and using multi-layered systems of legal protections including the registration of patents, trademarks and copyrights, as well as tightly controlled confidentiality, trade secret and non-competition programs. Of course, commercial success of innovative ideas often means that competitors and other possible infringers will gain access. We have helped our clients develop a variety of monitoring methods to protect their intellectual property rights, and in fact, we often manage and maintain such monitoring programs for our clients. And of course, if our clients’ rights and interests are ever threatened, we welcome the opportunity to protect those rights and interests in litigation in any necessary forum. Let us bring our extensive experience to bear on your needs in the following practice areas:

Many technology and intellectual property matters implicate a variety of diverse legal, technical and business specialties. Our professionals have a long history of successful collaboration with our clients’ business managers, operational staff, inventors, developers, artists, accountants, tax advisers, marketing consultants and, of course, other legal specialists. We routinely partner with the best lawyers, advisers and consultants to help our Clients achieve success in their business and legal endeavors.