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Counseling Regarding Intellectual Property Rights

Brilliant ideas and lucrative opportunities may be lost or compromised by a lack of understanding of intellectual property rights and obligations. As a result, we make sure our clients understand their rights, duties and obligations as early in the creative process or technology transaction as possible. Whether assisting an inventor, author, artist, programmer or similar innovator or representing a purchaser, licensee, distributor or marketer, we not only explain the opportunities and limitations implicated by the intellectual property laws, but also help our clients consider better and more efficient ways to exploit their innovations or capitalize on their opportunities. Our counseling services include rendering opinions on patent validity and infringement and on trademark and service mark infringement and registration. We provide advice on the selection, design and use of trademarks and service marks, and make recommendations on the protection of inventions, trade secrets and copyrightable subject matter. Our professionals also counsel our clients about various legal issues as they develop new innovations in order to maximize the chances of protecting their valuable intellectual property and minimizing the risks associated with developing it.