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Litigation Management and Complex Discovery Management

In the electronic age, many parties to lawsuits have discovered that simply managing litigation and all of the associated complex discovery issues can materially impede day-to-day business functions by diverting productive resources into unproductive litigation activities. Because many of our professionals have significant experience in the business world or have worked as in-house counsel for parties involved in various sizes of litigation, we have first hand experience with these burdens and understand how difficult it can be for a client to manage litigation and simultaneously operate their business. We believe that litigation should never become the focus of our clients’ attention. As a result we have developed a variety of cost-effective techniques and solutions for helping to ease the litigation and discovery management burdens so that our clients can concentrate on maintaining and growing their businesses. From utilizing the latest in discovery management software and third party database offerings to helping our clients identify and retain exceptional local counsel and competent, affordable discovery vendors, we strive to minimize the daily intrusions on our clients’ operations.