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Sometimes our clients find their rights and interests in their innovations, creative ideas or other intellectual property threatened. We share the view generally held by our clients that litigation is a mechanism of last resort and therefore our professionals spend a substantial amount of time attempting to help our clients anticipate, avoid and protect against becoming embroiled in unnecessary and expensive litigation. Despite that, sometimes an adversary simply cannot be swayed by reason or logic and litigation becomes an unavoidable and unfortunate reality. When that happens, we bring a premier litigation team to bear on the dispute to protect our clients’ interests. We proudly protect our clients’ rights whenever necessary at the trial and appellate levels in federal and state courts, before the International Trade Commission and a variety of other administrative agencies, and in arbitration, mediation and other alternative dispute resolution proceedings. Our professionals work closely with our clients to develop and deploy a targeted, goal-oriented litigation plan to maximize the likelihood of prevailing without unnecessarily burdening our clients’ legal and financial positions or impeding our clients’ daily business operations. We constantly consult our clients and seek to utilize the most cost-effective litigation support available to us without compromising the quality of representation of our clients’ interests. And of course, while we never abandon our belief that amicable solutions frequently produce the most favorable results, our team of litigation professionals will not shy away from even the most aggressive litigation foes. Our professionals have successfully litigated a wide variety of business and intellectual property lawsuits, including the prosecution and defense of patent, trademark and copyright infringement claims, trade secret misappropriation claims and lawsuits involving claims of breach of complex licensing agreements.