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Monitoring and Enforcement for Intellectual Property Portfolios

In the fast-paced global business world of the twenty-first century, it can be a challenge for any person or business to detect and deal with infringement and piracy of an intellectual property portfolio of any size. Unfortunately, there are plenty of people in the world looking to make money on someone else’s assets, by creating similar logos or trade names, producing and selling counterfeit products, or registering and misusing similar domain names. As a result, many of our clients look to us to help them establish – and often times operate – a monitoring program to detect infringement or piracy of their valuable intellectual property portfolios. We work with our clients to establish monitoring programs that meet their needs in terms of frequency, scope and cost. We also guide our clients in selecting and employing a variety of proven techniques to implement monitoring programs, from structured searches run in-house to partnering with leading third party investigative and reporting entities. When we find possible infringement or piracy, we act swiftly on behalf of our clients to terminate the conduct and to insure the stability of our clients’ goodwill and valuable intellectual property. And of course, with our experienced litigation team, we stand ready to pursue the infringers or pirates through the court system if necessary.