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Licensing, Technology, e-Commerce and Other Intellectual Property Transactions

Once innovative and creative assets are properly developed and protected, they can be turned into powerful revenue sources under the correct licensing or similar programs. To help our clients achieve their desired goals in technology, e-commerce and other intellectual property transactions – whether as a buyer or seller, licensee or licensor or otherwise – our firm brings a wealth of experience to the transaction process. Our professionals have decades of expertise in structuring, drafting and negotiating intellectual property and e-commerce transactions for vendors and purchasers of hardware, software, services and other technology related matters. Many of our attorneys have extensive experience as in-house counsel performing similar transactions for both vendors and purchasers and are attuned to the various issues each type of client faces in technology transactions because they too have been clients in such transactions. We assist clients with intellectual property licenses, technology transfer agreements, service agreements, software licenses, marketing and distribution arrangements, franchise agreements, and advertising and entertainment arrangements. In addition, the attorneys in the transaction practice have substantial experience with e-commerce and Internet related transactions, including agreements for web site development and hosting, co-branding, Internet-based services and content licensing. Having represented both vendors and purchasers, the attorneys in the transaction practice bring a valuable perspective to our clients to help them more fully understand the strategies and tactics of those with whom they enter into technology transactions.